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Santosh, was studying grade 5 at his home town Kusamadi, Bara district. Everything was going well. He was devoted and model student in his class. His family consisted of parents and two elder sisters. Santosh had a memorable childhood.

The beautiful days did not last long in Santosh’s life. His father slowly began quarreling and fighting  with mother drinking alcohol but mother tolerated all his father’s   cruel behaviors. One day father brought in home a woman of eight children as a wife. When step mother entered in his home, situation had been confused and complicated. His mother no longer stay in family. She eloped a man from next village. After mother’s absence, Santosh and his two sisters felt very much distressing to stay in home. His step-mother whispered father about their fault. Santosh had to dropped off school to look after live stocks. When he came from work in the evening , step mother did not give him meal. Listening complain against us, father start beating without any fault. Santosh spent about a year a painful life. Both of sisters came to Kathmandu to weave carpet. Santosh did not like to stay a moment in his home. His father sent him to carpet factory with a man.

Remembrance of mother haunt him day and night. The cruel behavior of step- mother troubled him very much. Santosh used to weep and sudden turn of fate and   disappearance of loved ones. He felt factory environment utterly distressful. He spent a month in carpet factory. He  was removed on Dec 22, 2004 from the factory and brought to Good Weave Rehabilitation centre. Then Santosh’s life got another turn.

Santosh regained his happy childhood. Santosh says – “ meeting with Good Weave inspectors, my fate has changed. I am very glad to have opportunity to read." Now, he has passed SLC Examination with 59.63% under the support of Dutch Citizen Marieke Reij  in Laboratory Higher Secondary School.

According to school report- Santosh  is diligent and disciplined student. He is very friendly among his school mates.  Besides, he is ahead in games and extra curricular activities. He wants to be a social worker in future.

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