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Rabi feels his past life as a character of a story. He is not a character of an imaginary story but his life sequence itself a story that he actually went through. Rabi never knew family love, warmth and protection. He has entered teen age of sixteen year without feeling a moment of childhood joy.

The story begins when Rabi’s mother eloped with an unknown man when he was very small. He hasn’t ever seen his mother. He spent his days putting up with all the cruelty and misbehavior of father and step-mother. There  were his elder bother, himself and his infant younger brother from his mother in his family. Rabi and his brother had to be dropped out from school after his father brought another wife in home. His father handed him over his maternal home forever and relinquished himself from his responsibility. He did not feel very sad even if he had to be away from his family. He was free from daily beating of his father and step-mother but remembrance of his younger brother and step-mother’s cruel behavior upon him often makes him emotionally distressed even today.

Rabi was quite tuned with his maternal home and continuing his school at grade one. All of a sudden, his father came and handed over him to a labor broker. There came another a turn in his life. He came to Kathmandu with the broker and began to weave carpet at an unknown place and environment. Rabi tolerated beating at the weaving place when he was under training. He was very much scared with the broker who used to beat him for weaving slow. Meanwhile, he fell ill of measles and sever fever. Nobody cared him nor gave medicine. He longed for mother and kept on weeping. He felt to go somewhere far and unknown place. He set out of the weaving place and got lost in the mid of the city. He could not locate his factory and start weeping.

Fortunately, unknown women approached him and asked his troubles. The woman was also a carpet weaver. She took him to her work place, bought him medicine and gave care. She loved him as her son. Rabi began to weave together. One of a factory inspector of Nepal Good Weave Foundation found him and brought rehabilitation center on March 10, 2004 at the age of 10.

Neglected and discarded from his own father, motherless Rabi passed four  months in carpet weaving. He went through many emotional problems. Since then he never visited his home. No relatives have ever visited him. Rabi feels very sad and unpleasant when his friends’ parents visit them and take home on the occasion of Dashain festivals.

Rabi extremely longs to meet the woman who loved, rescued and cared him during his illness. It was the woman who passed Rabi to Good Weave for his betterment. He regrets not able to locate her. To him, the woman was a real goddess descended from heaven. He is an average student but a promising player in sports. According to school reports he is disciplined, simple and amicable among his peers and teachers. His teachers and friends loves him much.  Last year,  Rabi participated SAARCC level handball game sponsored held in Bangladesh. He feels pride to be selected in national team from the part of Nepal.
He aspires to be established national player in days to come and earn money and fame. Finally he has passed SLC Examination in 2nd Division with 55.25%. Rabi says I am indebted to Nepal Good Weave Foundation for my change in life.

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