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Bhuwan, 17, came to Kathmandu from Bhalpani VDC of Chhitwan district six years ago. His main purpose  of coming to Kathmandu was to work at carpet factory. He was only 12 years old then.

He had his own bitter story behind leaving home and family. He had his parents and a patch of land for his family subsistence. He was studying at grade 5. His village came under armed conflict. His family lost two members : his elder brother and sister. There was great threat to him to stay in village. He felt much insecure in village and long to leave village as soon as possible. He came to carpet factory with a villager.

He safely came to Kathmandu but his mind was always obsessed by the condition his family was living. His father turned severe alcoholic after his brother and sister’s death. His father soon became mad and mother went morbid by the sorrow. Bhuwan condition in carpet factory was very painful. He had left school recently. He could  not dream he would again go to school.  The  imagination of dreadful condition in village and family added him pain and terror only. One of GoodWeave inspector met him at the factory where Bhuwan was weaving carpet. He was brought Good Weave Rehabilitation centre on May 16, 2005.

Bhuwan proved himself diligent, disciplined and committed in study. He was referred to LAB school for formal education. He is excellent in his school. Finally, he has passed SLC Examination in first division with 73.63%. He is very good in  extra curricular activities. He is football player at his school. He thanks Good Weave Foundation from his heart for changing his fate. He aspires to be a teacher  in future.

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