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Yanjom has come from Kimri VDC of Mugu district, a very remote district of Nepal. She wondered coming to see Kathmndu six years ago. She felt awful to see big buildings, automobiles and crowd in Kathmandu. Yanjom had only one aim was to weave carpet. She was only 11 years  at her entry in Kahmandu.

Yamjom has her own story behind her landing at carpet factory. She was reading at grade 4 at her own village. Her family was driven to Kathmandu lack of sufficient resources in their remote village.

The family started to work at a carpet factory. She has parents, an elder sister, a brother and two younger sisters in her family. She stared to weave carpet for the support  of her family. She had never imagined about school. She was very sad in being forced to quit school. She was often very tearful missing her school mates. She blamed to her fate on living day and night in a dark room. The money her family earned was not enough for two plain meal.  Headache, fever and diarrhea were common health problems to her during  weaving period. The family had hardly any money left for medicine.

In this way, she was living as a child worker in a dark room of Kathmandu. Good Weave inspector found her on 23 Feb, 2005 and brought to its rehabilitation centre. Yamjom was very happy after being brought in the centre. She felt her fate changed being there because she again recovered her study opportunity. Being a hardworking and disciplined student, she was referred to LAB school for formal education.

According to LAB school report, she is excellent in study and friendly among all. Finally, she has passed SLC Examination in Distinction with 83.05%. She expects to be a doctor in future. She thanks to Good Weave Foundation for change in her life.

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