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Gita, 17 is from sitalpati VDC, Sindhuli district. She has large family of ten members. Her father’s untimely death brought Gita’s life a a crashing effect and plunged the family in the sea of troubles. She had to drop off from grade six at local school and landed at a dark room in Kathmandu. After father’s death, mother could not sustain her huge family. She sent Gita Kathmandu to weave carept to survival. She was very sad to be separated with school mates, family and village.

The unacquainted and adult environment at weaving place caused suffocation in her life. She missed friends, family and village very badly. She blames her own fate for all sudden and unexpected changes in her life. At the outset, she was excited about city life later it turn extremely bitter. Later days in carpet factory, her life spent weeping day and night. Her dream to be a teacher spoiled.

Luckily, Gita did not have to spend much time in factory. Good Weave found her two months latter of her arrival there. She was removed on Nov 21, 2005 from the factory and brought to Good Weave Rehabilitation centre.

Gita says – " After I am brought to Good Weave centre, I have got new fate. I am very happy that my broken dream has got new hope. I want to be a teacher and serve to children like me." She further says – " I am extremely happy now. What my family did not do for me, Good Weave is doing for me. I respect and love Good Weave as my family. Currently, I have passed SLC examination, which was impossible without Good Weave. Again I thank to GoodWeave Foundation."

According to school report- Gita is diligent and disciplined student. She is very friendly among her school mates. She is excellent in her class. Now, she has passed SLC Examination in Distinction with 83.38% from LAB School. Besides, she is ahead in games and extra curricular activities.

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