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Chhamu, 16, is resident of Kirmi Mugu, far Western Region of Nepal. She had a joint family with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. She was studying grade 5 and all the world was nice for her own place. The family had a nice plot of land and family were living happily and peacefully in their own set-up. When conflict and terror spread over her peaceful village, her father could not stay in home. Their nice land could not be any more useful for them.

The Maoist’s “militia” (Maoist army) often came to home and forced them to donate money and feed them. They forced her brother to join them. If denied, they threatened to kill. When the Maoist capture her brother terror destroyed  her family. He worked longtime in militia and recently he escaped from the Maoist capture. The moist had insisted her to join militia army when she was only eleven. Meantime, the family decided to send Chhamu to Kathmandu alone with her aunt.

She began to weave carpet with her aunt in Kathmandu. As she was learning to weave carpet, Chhamu did not get sufficient food. She often fell ill of headache and fever. She felt very sorry coming so far away from her home. She was very worried about her brother who was already in  Maoist capture.

She felt very sorry when her aunt angry with her learning slow. She was scared of idea that the Maoist would kill her mother. The doubt continuously haunt her mind. Chhamu felt very homesick because she was brought up in open village environment. The dirty and stuffy carpet factory environment make her sick. She was taking training in her learning phase. Good Weave inspector met her and she was taken to Good Weave rehabilitation center December 29, 2005. She is selected one of the hardworking and talented student  in center and referred to a school for formal education. The school’s name is Laboratory Higher Secondary School in Kathamndu and one of the popular school in capital. She wants to be a teacher in future. Finally, she has passed SLC Examination in First Division with 78.88%

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