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Nepal GoodWeave Foundation is working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in Nepal.
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Nepal GoodWeave Foundation was established in December 1995 as a result of joint collaboration among carpet entrepreneurs; child-right NGOs; and international development organizations, viz. UNICEF, the German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ), and the Asian American Free Labour Institute (AAFLI).

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Mr. Saput Bahadur Karki, President, Nepal GoodWeave Foundation (NGF) was awarded by 'Jana Sewa Shree Padak' from Rt. Honorable President
Mrs. Bidhya Devi Bhandari. NGF Family would kindly like to express huge congratulations to our President for this prestigious award.
  GoodWeave Expanded Standard Survey 2014  

GoodWeave has worked closely with our partners over the past several years to develop and pilot a new, expanded certification standard for the carpet industry. This effort was in response to concerns about adult labor working conditions, fundamental human rights and environmental impacts.

We consulted with a wide range of experts and members of the carpet industry to identify and define seven principles that will help create a more stable, safe and ethical carpet supply chain. After a year and a half of piloting the expanded standard in India, Nepal and Afghanistan, the results of the pilot clearly revealed that the industry faces significant challenges in meeting the basic benchmarks for many of the principles that were tested. GoodWeave is now working with our licensed exporters and producers to tackle these challenges from three angles:


» We are revising the certification standard to simplify the requirements and take a staged approach to phasing in the expanded standard.

» We are expanding the requirements for certification to include the principles of no child labor, no forced and bonded labor, and business processes that are documented and verifiable.

» We are developing new producer support programs to ensure producers are able to improve in the remaining four target areas (freedom of association, non-discrimination, decent working conditions and environmental impacts). This is being designed to encourage progressive improvement over time.

  This survey is part of GoodWeave's public consultation. We thank you for completing this survey and for your partnership and support.  
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  BBN Standard (August 2015)  

The Better Brick Nepal (BBN) program addresses labor challenges, as well as environmental and quality issues in Nepal’s brick industry, which employs approximately 175,000 people and provides critical inputs to a construction industry that is among the largest sectors of the economy. Many of the workers in the brick kilns, however, are children or adults bonded by debt. They are subjected to extremely harsh living and working conditions.

While previous programs have raised awareness of these issues, BBN aims to change the incentives within the industry. BBN seeks to create a market preference for a “better brick” such that buyers of these bricks are assured of more ethical and high-quality production. At the same time, the kilns benefit from technical assistance and access to new high-value markets.

The BBN Standard:
In conjunction with its implementing partners—Global Fairness Initiative and Brick Clean Network—GoodWeave is creating a certifiable BBN Standard on child labor, bonded labor and decent working conditions and developing plans for selected kilns to comply with the Standard. Over time, the goal is for kilns that meet the BBN Standard to achieve business benefits, and to foster needed changes in the brick industry as a whole.

All interested parties are invited to read the public summary and full text of the draft standard using the links below. Your feedback is welcome and will be considered by the BBN Standards Committee in revising and updating the standard.

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