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Advocacy and Preventive Social

Nepal GoodWeave Foundation has been advocating for the rights of the child and elimination of child labour, nationally and internationally. The foundation believes that awareness, advocacy and concrete programmes should be launched simultaneously to effectively control and eliminating social problems like child labour in a long run. Without giving any viable solutions and alternatives, awareness programmes among underprivileged children could sometimes be counterproductive.  Besides carrying out various programmes and activities on awareness creation and advocacy, the foundation has also been carrying out a number of activities. to create awareness and advocate on child labour by publishing various types of print materials like bulletins, brochures, posters, calendars and stickers and by producing and broadcasting documentary films. These materials are exhibited, displayed and widely distributed at national and international fairs, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and other events. Nepal GoodWeave Foundation has its own, which is updated regularly and can be browsed at any part of the globe.

Though the number of factories under GoodWeave license is continuously increasing, the rate of encountering child labourers in these factories is not the same as it was in the initial stages/years. However, it is also a fact that many young children of carpet workers are prone to become child labourers in future if they are not provided with educational opportunities.  Often, parents are not paid even minimum wages as a result of which they are not in a position to send their children to schools. However, lack of money is not always the only factor that stops parents to send their children to school. Lack of awareness about the value of education, parents’ low or zero motivation to send their children to school or children’s own lack of motivation to go to school, unproductive educational system, etc. are also major factors for children not going to school.

Considering these factors, Nepal GoodWeave Foundation has started some social preventive programmes for carpet factories, which play preventive roles in eradicating child labour in the carpet industry and as well as playing advocacy roles in carpet industry.  These programmes are:

  1. Sponsorship Education Programme (SEP) for carpet worker’s children,
  2. Early Childhood Development through Day-Care cum Education Centres,
  3. Workers’ empowerment programmes through advocacy and awareness programmes for carpet workers and their families.
  4. Flexible literacy classes for child labourers aged 14 -18 years
  5. Mobile medical services for carpet workers and their children 

Given the foundation’s capability and resource availability, the components of preventive programmes in carpet factories are proving to be practical and effective. In due course of time, there will be continuous improvement and expansion in the programme.

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