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Certification of Carpets

After the launching of GoodWeave brand name and logo in 19 May 2009, GoodWeave Nepal started issuing GoodWeave labels from mid August 2009, and to date (15 December 2009), a total of 5,049 GoodWeave labels covering 22,269.91 sq./mts. have been issued. Similarly, GoodWeave labels which began to be issued from December 1996 but ceased to be issued after the introduction of GoodWeave labels until August 2009 end, a total of 355,679 pieces of GoodWeave labels covering 1,188,953 sq./mts. of carpets were issued. Presently based on the estimates GoodWeave in Nepal is Inspecting and Monitoring around 50% of the Carpet Production capacity. At one time the Foundation certified almost about 70 % of the total carpet production capacity in Nepal, even though it could cover more than this. The main reason behind reducing coverage is due to the existing political situation in the country along with multiple other reasons such as undue and unjustifiable demands from the workers, problems arising from labour and trade unions, frequent bandhs and protests, long hours of power cuts, etc. which is forcing a lot of factories to shut down their operations. On top of these, certification of GoodWeave labelling by factories being voluntary and not a compulsion is also another reason for low use of the GoodWeave labels. Further, both the exporters and the importers, have to be GoodWeave licensees in advance in their respective countries, for getting labels. The exporters as of now have to pay 0.25% and importers have to pay  2 % (depending on the country of import) of the invoice FOB value as a label fees to GoodWeave offices in their respective countries.

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